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Musical Interlude: Noise Rock

I’ve fallen behind in work (and I was out drinking tonight) so I don’t have time to write tonight. Instead I’ll share some music I used to enjoy and have been revisiting via the magic of YouTube.

Back when music was more important to me (or rather, when I had time to dedicate, now I just wait for the next tune to play on Jango), my music collection was dominated by noise rock artists, my favorite being The Jesus Lizard.

Since then, very few bands in the genre have engendered the same level of primal excitement in me. Two bands that held promise and were in some ways the spiritual successors of the Jesus Lizard, Daughters and Liars, produced some good material (especially the latter), but don’t (or in the case of Daughters, didn’t) have the je ne sais quoi of the JL. You can judge for yourselves.

(I will say that Daughters are the only band with double bass pedal that I can tolerate.)

More recently (couple years ago), I was introduced to Melt-Banana, also quite exciting, but I think they’ve been in the business for a good number of years. Like me, they’re sorta veterans now.

Guess the question is, who bears the banner of noise rock today? Who are the up and coming bands making noise in 2012?

Sun Airway: Put the Days Away

I actually wrote almost the same song around the same time they did. Mine was simply called “The Day.” My lyrics, a bit more subtle, with a slight nod to Pink Floyd’s Breathe. The music, very similar to this in feel, but also, Dragonette/Solveig’s Hello (but *mournful*, really, really melancholy in a nostalgic sorta way!) Please forgive the video choice for “Hello”. No political intent. I was just trying to find a YouTube video that didn’t have Martin Solveig in it, since they all seemed to have a long, boring pre-amble before music actually started.

Anyway, it’s not my song, but Sun Airway did a pretty good job with theirs, and mine, well, I’ll share theirs with you.