I’m afraid of people. I’m trying to overcome that.

This blog is about how I feel right now. I reserve the right to change my opinions on anything. If you don’t like that, go fuck yourself. I’m ignorant, but I’m learning, yet I will always be ignorant. If you think you know more than me, you too can go fuck yourself, but feel free to share your comments before you do.

We stumble around in the dark, in the chaos, but we each have a light that we shine on the dark around us, hoping to see something that will help us understand. When we see shapes, when we think we see patterns, we declare, “Ah, I understand this. I know this now!” This is our individual piece of order within the chaos and it brings us comfort. We try to grow the area illuminated by our light, so we seek other individuals to add their light to ours. But as we move in new directions, sometimes together, sometimes alone, the places we leave behind go dark again. And we forget what we saw.

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