Behringer Xenyx 302USB, Mac, and Guitar Rig 5

I got this little Behringer Xenyx 302USB mixer and wanted to run my guitar through some effects in Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 (Guitar Rig 5 Player free download) and listen through headphones connected to the mixer.

When it comes to drivers and multimedia software, Macs are generally pretty easy to set up, but I had a bit of a hard time getting this to work. I didn’t find any single site with a complete solution, so maybe this post will help someone.

The problem: the device driver seemed to be working (USB Audio CODEC was showing in System Preferences and the meter in the input tab was lighting up when there was audio input), but there was no sound and Guitar Rig was not showing any signal at all.

My mixer is set up as shown here:


  • guitar connected to the mixer’s mic in (XLR/1/4″ combo jack)
  • under line/USB, FROM is in the DOWN position (USB Play)
  • under line/USB, TO is in the DOWN position (Phones)
  • mixer’s USB port connected to Macbook USB

I came across this article that suggested there could be a compatibility problem between the mixer and the Mac, but that it could be resolved by using Audio MIDI Setup to create an aggregate driver.

I followed those instructions. The result looks something like this (the USEME USB Audio CODEC):

Audio Midi Setup - create aggregate device

(In the screenshot, note Drift Correction is only enabled on the input driver, but it should be enabled on the output driver as well.)

Next, I had to go in System Preferences and select the aggregate device for both input and output.

system prefs - input

system prefs - output

Finally, I also had to select the new aggregate device in Guitar Rig (File -> Audio and MIDI Settings).

guitar rig 5 - audio and midi settings

After this, I just played around with enabling and disabling the left and right input channels in Guitar Rig and voilà. The IN and OUT meters showed a signal and, after tweaking knobs a bit, had sound too.

guitar rig meters

One final note: if you usually just close the cover of your MacBook, things may no longer work when you open it again. You may need to restart Guitar Rig and/or physically reconnect the mixer to get it working again. Good luck!

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