WTF, WordPress!

I’m quite irritated with my blog’s tag cloud. Some tags I used multiple times aren’t showing at all, while a couple I only used once are. I guess I could download the code and try to see how it’s supposed to work.
I’ve done some WordPress customization in the distant past, and though I have my own domain and could have easily set up my own WordPress instance on it, I chose to use because I use my domain for professional purposes.

Some people have no issue mixing their business with pleasure. Indeed, some people appear to make no distinction. But I may want to talk about a transgender I met recently that I found attractive and am fantasizing about on occasion. I may also want to talk about how I think blue collar workers’ unions in North America are an anachronism. I may also want to say religious fundamentalists are poor, unfortunate sheep, similar to those victims of the great Capitalist Ponzi Scheme, the US middle-class Republicans. And I may also want to speculate what Reshmin Chowdhury smells/tastes like.

Sometimes I may want to express opinions that are important to me and I want everyone to know. Other times I may want to turn off the filter and speak frankly, but not everyone necessarily needs to hear it (occasionally I don’t know what I’m talking about). And still other times, I may just feel like talking shit.

There are people in this world who cannot or will not make the distinction between these. I don’t write for them. I write for me. A typically arrogant and selfish North American attitude that is, and I know it. I am thankful I live where I do, with all the things I hate and love about it. Still, while I may enjoy this freedom, my freedom ends where yours begins. And I realize not everyone agrees with or wants to be subjected to my personal opinions. In my professional relationships, I want to be judged first and foremost by my work and my professional conduct. So what would happen if, on first contact with me, my professional contacts were dropped into my personal life and my opinions? Invariably, it would color their opinions. I wouldn’t want to be subjected to that, so I won’t subject others to that either.

So is discretion just another word for duplicity? Yes, to some degree. But if someone wants to challenge me face to face on anything I’ve said here, I think I’m comfortable enough with it to be able to explain and discuss it with them, assuming they are reasonable people. But there are many people in the world who are not, so I see no reason to advertise personal opinions that would put my business, my livelihood at risk.

But anyway, back, back to the tag cloud, the real purpose of this post. There’s nothing else to read here. I’m testing tags.