Picnicface’s Roller Town in Canadian Theatres Today!

Great live shows, absurd YouTube videos, and an unfortunate failed Comedy Network show, Picnicface is the pretender to the Kids in the Hall throne. Pay them fealty. See the film.

More Picnicface.

2 thoughts on “Picnicface’s Roller Town in Canadian Theatres Today!

  1. Saw it. Loved it. If you like silly but clever-in-parts comedy, go see it. It doesn’t match the level of smart, cutting-edge stuff they demonstrate in some of their skits. But as a
    movie comedy, even in the silly-comedy genre, I’d say it delivers better than most.

    • @Dwizzleschtick, agreed! It was lo-fi, quirky fun, a refreshing change from the generally predictable Hollywood comedy. Still, I missed the absurd elements of their live show or even some of the YouTube videos (SuperBingo, PowerThirst 1,2,3). The rip on the BeeGees was good except I could do without the “Fuck O’clock” and wardrobe/makeup really needed to adjust Vrooman’s wig! The female lead was fine, though I wish Evanie Rosen had played that part because, well, I like her and she’s in the troupe. Andrew Bush’s turn as the hobo in the forest was unexpectedly good. I think for me the show-stealer was Pat Thornton (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1956710/) as the bad guy’s bumbling henchman; not a Picnicface member but great comedic timing and really the perfect face for comedy.

      For anyone who missed their network show, you can watch episodes at the Comedy Network site: http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/picnicface/season-1/picnicface-ep-101-part-time-jobs-series-premiere/#clip536146

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